and maintenance

We will provide the necessary support for the operation of your websites and applications. We help to prevent and solve failures, errors and unexpected problems in the long term. We take care of new functions and changes to development. We provide management for your servers, web hosting and domains.

We manage applications on platforms PHP, Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails. We have experience of a variety of open-source products - Wordpress, Drupal, Alfresco and more

Why us?

Komplexní správa celé aplikace

We provide comprehensive support for the entire application

Rychlé řešení projektů

We solve problems quickly

Analýza aplikace

We analyze applications and prevent problems

Alfresco Swisscom AG

Support for Document management system based on ECM Alfresco (Java platform).

DMS Komerční banka, a.s.

Development and support of the central DMS repository for client documentation - 15mil documents; ECM Alfresco (Java platform).

Cendat Seminaria s.r.o.

Internal database of potential clients - companies and individuals for telemarketing, 0.5+ million records; Nette / PHP platform.

What do we enjoy?

Opravy chyb

Issue solving and development



Stálá podpora

Permanent support 5x8 or 24x7

Provoz databází

Operation of databases, Exchange servers

Správa serverů

Linux and Windows server management

Migrace dat

Data migration

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